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Latest company new about HKT Robot: Driving the Future of AGV/AMR Industry with Integrated Solutions

HKT Robot: Driving the Future of AGV/AMR Industry with Integrated Solutions

  On December 13-15, 2023, the 2023 China Mobile Robot Industry Development Annual Conference, hosted by the China Mobile Robot Industry Alliance, was grandly held in Shenzhen. Mobile robot industry experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, users and others from all over the country gathered together to jointly explore the development status and future trends of the mobile robot industry, and discuss industry cooperation and development.   Exquisite Supply Chain Featured Products Exhibition This year’s annual meeting set up an exquisite supply chain featured products exhibition area. Mobile robot industry chain enterprises from all over the country showcased their latest products and technologies. Among them, Shenzhen Hengketong Robot Co., Ltd. showcased products such as the four-in-one integrated wheel, low-voltage co-service integrated machine, and low-voltage servo single-axis drive, which attracted the attention of many attendees.   AGV / AMR Industry (Integrated Solutions) In the field of mobile robots, integrated solutions are the current industry development focus. It refers to integrating mobile robots, logistics conveyor systems, software systems, etc. to form a complete solution to meet customer logistics needs. As a leading domestic mobile robot company, Shenzhen Hengketong Robot Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development and application of integrated solutions. The AGV / AMR integrated solution launched by the company integrates multiple technologies such as mobile robots, logistics conveyor systems, and software systems, which can provide customers with one-stop logistics solutions.   Economically Priced, Open Technology, Global Service The reason why Shenzhen Hengketong Robot Co., Ltd.'s AGV / AMR integrated solution has been able to achieve success in the market is inseparable from its business philosophy of being economically priced, open technology, and global service. * Economically priced means that the company's products are reasonably priced and can meet customer budget requirements. * Open technology means that the company is willing to share its technology with other enterprises, which helps promote the development of the entire industry. * Global service means that the company provides services to global customers, helping them solve logistics problems.   If you are in need of our company's servo motors, servo drivers, integrated wheels and other such products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to providing you with high-quality products and services.
Latest company new about Sales representatives to Thailand to visit the LogiMAT exhibition, on 25-26 October 2023.

Sales representatives to Thailand to visit the LogiMAT exhibition, on 25-26 October 2023.

HKT-Robot sent sales representatives Edith and Amanda to Thailand to visit the LogiMAT exhibition from October 25-27, 2023. The company focuses on understanding and collecting industry information, and learning and exchanging the most cutting-edge technologies and trends within the logistics equipment industry. Actively communicate, learn from each other's strengths, understand the Thai industry situation, vigorously expand overseas markets, and develop overseas business. Strive to improve our competitiveness and provide customers with more professional and valuable services.                                For the first time in history, LogiMAT, the international intralogistics solutions and process management exhibition, is jointly organized by LogiMAT, a world-class logistics event in Germany, and Smart Warehouse, a leading intralogistics event in Thailand. This exhibition is not only oriented to the Thai market, but also to surrounding markets such as Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. It is the best choice for nearly 10,000 trade visitors in Southeast Asia to obtain cutting-edge information on intralogistics equipment and learn about the latest equipment trends. The experience comes from First-hand solutions for various industries such as warehousing, intralogistics, supply chain, material handling storage, cold chain and more.                                              
Latest company new about Shenzhen private directors gathering. Topic: How mobile robots can become competitive

Shenzhen private directors gathering. Topic: How mobile robots can become competitive

On June 29, 2023, the 77th session was led by Mr. Li Yu, co-founder, vice president of Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co., Ltd., and president of the Shenzhen Intelligent Chemistry Society, and organized by Mr. Shi Ximing, executive president of the Shenzhen Intelligent Chemistry Society. Azhi Chaba was held a HKT Robot Co., Ltd.   Azhi Tea Eight Salon is the signature event of the Shenzhen Intelligent Chemistry Association. The main activity mode is to privately invite company chairmen, general managers and listed company executives to gather to discuss a topic related to the intelligent manufacturing industry each time, empowering each other, and collaborating. develop. The theme of this issue of Tea Eight is "How Mobile Robots Can Reveal Core Competitiveness". The eight leaders are Ms. Liu Xiaoyun, general manager of HKT Robot Co., Ltd.   Pain points in the AGV/AMR industry:   First, the need for cost reduction is extremely urgent and expansion is rapid. Second, the standards are heavily customized. Many projects are customized, the industry has not yet formed standards, and the data interfaces are not unified. Innovative solutions designed to reduce costs are difficult to produce in large quantities, and it is difficult to find customized suppliers. Third, maintenance is not easy. Terminal application is not easy to operate and relies on after-sales service from the supplier. There are also some pain points in the AGV/AMR industry when it comes to servo drive module solutions. At present, the industry generally adopts split product solutions, which have the following disadvantages: they are large in size, occupy a lot of space, and are not in line with the development trend of lightweight and miniaturized car bodies. The design of other components is seriously restricted; there are many wirings and they are susceptible to damage. Interference, easy bad contact, affecting product stability; difficult maintenance, cumbersome assembly and disassembly, and consuming a lot of manpower. Integrated integrated design has obvious advantages in solving the above pain points and is also in line with future development trends. HKT Robot makes full use of its completely independently developed software and hardware integration technology accumulated over many years to provide integrated low-voltage servo integrated machine and integrated low-voltage servo integrated machine wheel drive module solutions, helping body manufacturers create a competitive advantage over their peers. Facing the complex and ever-changing situation in the mobile robot industry, opportunities and challenges coexist. For technology entrepreneurs, we should consider whether to take the initiative or maintain a wait-and-see attitude. This is the difficult question before us. This seminar gave us valuable insights and effective ways to respond to market changes.   We must keep up with the pace of the times, seize opportunities, face challenges, and promote innovation and development in the mobile robot industry.   We believe that through continuous learning and exchange, we can achieve leap-forward development in the industry and make greater contributions to the widespread application and commercialization of mobile robot technology.
Latest company new about HKT Robot receives strategic investment and focuses on AGV/AMR segment

HKT Robot receives strategic investment and focuses on AGV/AMR segment

Ren Shihong, founder of Xuanxuan Investment, Zhang Shuxiang, founder of Hengketong Robot   Recently, HKT Robot Co., Ltd. announced that it has received strategic investment from Xuanxuan Investment, with Zhixi Marketing serving as strategic advisor and exclusive financial advisor.   HKT Robot Co., Ltd. is based on precision control technology and relies on motion control and servo drive technology to create an integrated drive control underlying algorithm, operating system and platform with completely independent intellectual property rights.   It combines sensing technology with supporting hardware and focuses on semiconductors. , AGV/AMR and new energy and other subdivisions, it helps industrial automation and intelligence to meet the needs of industry customers for cost reduction and efficiency improvement.     HKT Robot Co., Ltd. was established in 2013.   It is a national high-tech enterprise and has currently obtained more than 100 invention patents and software copyrights. The main research and development directions are integrated drive and control solutions, high-end motion control solutions, one-to-one servo drive solutions, and electromechanical integration solutions.   After 9 years of accumulation, Hengketong Robot has continuously conquered the underlying driving and control technology, applied technology to polish and iterate, explored downstream, and developed products perpendicular to AGV/AMR and other subdivided industries to achieve commercial implementation.
Latest company new about HKT Robot was awarded the titles of Shenzhen Professional-Refined-Distinctive-Innovative Enterprise.

HKT Robot was awarded the titles of Shenzhen Professional-Refined-Distinctive-Innovative Enterprise.

At the end of December 2022, We are pleased to announce that our company has succeeded in becoming a Specialized and Innovative Company. This is a certification that recognizes our contribution to technology and innovation, proving that we are competitive and influential in the marketplace.   The certification of Specialized and Specialized New is jointly awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the General Administration of Taxation.   The certification aims to encourage innovation and transformation, improve technological innovation and R&D capabilities, as well as enhance the brand reputation and competitiveness of the company   Our company has been maintaining a strong momentum in technology and R&D. With a highly qualified R&D team and modern R&D facilities, we are constantly introducing market-competitive products and solutions. We are committed to providing high quality, reliable products and services while maintaining flexibility and agility.   Being certified as a speciality is a reflection of our company's strength and an opportunity for our future growth. We will continue to innovate and explore, provide better services and products to our customers, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry.   We are grateful to all our customers and partners who support us, and we will continue to work hand in hand with you to achieve a better future together.                
Latest company new about Hot-blooded group building, outdoor camping and barbecue to ignite the fire of unity!

Hot-blooded group building, outdoor camping and barbecue to ignite the fire of unity!

Life is more than just the metropolis in front of us, there are poems and faraway places to have fun; work is more than just the two points and one line between the company and home, there are also colorful group building activities. Recently, our company held a unique group building activities - outdoor camping barbecue, let us review this passionate, full of laughter moment! In this activity, we personally felt the power of teamwork, shared an unforgettable happy time, and let us more deeply feel the warmth and cohesion of the company's family. At 5:00 pm, the sunlight gradually sloped to the west, our team assembled in the outdoor camping barbecue site. Everyone was dressed in casual sports equipment, with full of expectation and enthusiasm. On the natural grass, we set up temporary tents, creating a small "base camp" full of vigor and unity.   Skewers in place, grill gods ready   There's nothing in the world that can't be solved with one barbecue, and if there is, let's have two, three or four~. From juicy beef and mutton, crispy chicken wings, Q-bouncy squid and other seafood and meat, to soft and tasty eggplant, crunchy beans, corn, enoki mushrooms and other vegetarian food, such a rich variety of all kinds of things, eat as much as you like, enjoy the jerk, and would like to borrow another five stomachs from the sky. With beer and beverages, you can feel a sense of satisfaction that comes from the coolness of your heart.   The smooth running of a barbecue event always requires those who are diligently busy behind the scenes.   Fireworks | Skewer Your Life and Ours   Barbecue has an irresistible charm, just like the saying in "Life on a Skewer": "When you pull off the last stubborn tendon and instigate the grease on your fingers, you are nibbling away the stress of life and gaining a whole night's happiness. What you gnaw off is the pressure of life, and what you gain is a whole night of happiness." The air was haunted by a fastidious atmosphere, as everyone ate the food they had cooked with their own hands, sat around the grill, and chatted about all the interesting things they had encountered in their work and life. Feelings warmed up in one skewer, two brushes and three roasts, and drew each other closer in the food. At this time, all the worries and fatigue are removed, chatting freely, laughing and having a good time.